Holy shit, Only One In Color is rising from the grave! What the fudge is up with that?

Actually I found it by accident after seeing a certain friend’s blog… YOUKNOWHOYOUARE.


So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything. I’m sorry to say my poor little Death Knight has been severely neglected in favor of my mage and my priest. My priest, which, by the way, has finally reached 70, and has her Enchanting up to 250, and Tailoring up to 390. I dropped quite a bit of gold into levelling her, and I’m immensely proud that I got her professions up. Her main spec is healing, though I have her duelspecced to Shadow for fun, RP purposes, and levelling.

Which, by the way, healing is a bitch, especially when you get idiots. Poor Wuko got saddled into an UK run with the promises of an 80 runing them through. I ended up healing 2 pet tanks before the group finally split. Definitely my worst healing ever, but as a friend told me, they should have gotten a tank instead of playing hunter-lock-pet games.

The mage has finally gotten his epic flyer; my first ever epic flyer since starting the game in July of 2007. Once again… immensely proud.

In general, I’m proud of my mage several times over. When I started playing the game, my schedule made it impossible for me to even hope of raiding. Beltravi, my rogue (Who sits at level 71 on Silvermoon) seemed to be forever doomed to vague Karazhan weeklies, and the occasional ZA. Most of her gear came from badges, and from doing the Sunwell dailies.

When we came to Sisters to roll as Horde, I’ll admit, I was disappointed. When word for the new expansion was coming around, the idea of being on the same level as those around me with my rogue was exciting. But I have to say, I don’t regret it anymore. Rolling Telkire was definitely a huge change for me. And I’ve come to enjoy playing a mage more then I ever thought I would. I’ve come to know the class, and I know I’ve come to play it well. There’s still a long way for me to go. But hey, I know I can get there.

Something that often astounds me as well, is the fact of where I’m raiding at. Before, I wasn’t really proud of my gaming. After all, to all appearances, I assumed myself to be a mediocore rogue compared to everyone getting T5 and T6 and god knows what else. And there I was, stuck slugging through Karazhan and praying that my boyfriend’s guild would take me through Zul’Aman. But now, here I am, in a great guild that’s not doing 10-mans, but 25-mans. Something I would have never even thought myself capable of doing back in the days of TBC. To be blunt, and possibly a bit immatureish/dorky, it just feels totally awesome to realize that I’m in a raiding guild that’s raiding the top available content. Sure, we’re not on Yogg-Saron yet, but hey, we’ve down two of the keepers, and our 10-man teams (Which, due to my work schedule, I can’t participate in) are already in Descent into Madness. (Or whatever it is.) I’m not just the casual-rank sitting on the sidelines watching, I’m actually participating.


Yeah. My thoughts are kind of rambling on and on tonight. I’m actually typing this as I’m auto-running through the Eastern Kingdoms on Keir to get the Flame Keeper title. Poor Keir, she’s my achievement whore, and my money whore. If I need a run-through for characters on my other account, I whore Keir out and run myself, Kungaloosh (Formerly Fear.Win), and my boyfriend and others through Outland dungeons.

Thankfully, other people have been talking about doing alt Naxx-10 runs, so poor Keir might actually get geared up soon. For now though… I do my dailies, use that money for other toons, and whore her out for EXP.


There’s just one question I have to ask… Why the hell did I just fly down to Booty Bay when I need to go to Grom’gol?


Fuck this noise. I’m going to grab some mountain dew game fuel and try to stop thinking. Otherwise I’ll keep rambling!

Alright I know this was a day or two ago, but I had to spotlight it anyways.


The Books of Glyph Mastery are really just adding to a whole new level of ninja’ry. It was me, Fear.Win, another guildie, and two pug hunters. I was tanking on Keiraline, Fear was on his… I think warlock, and I believe our last guildie, Shadow, was healing. I think.

One of those damn books dropped, and immediately, Shadow and one hunter hit greed. Fear hesitated then hit greed. So it was left with me and the hunter. The other hunter told us, in bad grammar and no punctuation, that she was going to need it. Like a dumbass, I didn’t hit need. Instead I told her that it was greed unless she could link her profession. Then I hit greed. There was a pause. Then.


And the bitch hit need and took it. So, I passed the leadership to Fear.Win and gave him the pleasure of booting the bitch from the group. So a book that could have gone to Blog of Light was now no doubt being auctioned off for 1k gold for that stupid slut. Now if she was really an Inscriptionist and had linked her profession like a good girl, I’m sure that none of us would have had a problem. But instead she just said ‘lol’ and needed it.

Now naturally the next day we won a new book for Blog of Light. But still. These stupid new books are just giving people another chance to rip people off on the Auction House and give us all reason to do dailies again. Like trying to get duelspecs and get epic mounts wasn’t enough.

Ah well. My rant for the evening.


On an IC note, I may attempt to write a new journal post for Keira soon. The story is still that she lost her original diary in a fire and hasn’t quite replaced it yet. I did hit Sons of Hodir and she spent the day wrestling with a wyrm and falling on her head, which lead to her heading to Silvermoon to spend the evening with Zanafar.

In Silvermoon, she caught sight of the warlock who violated her and showed comendable control over her anger. She walked away and only left a small dent in a wall. Zanafar had to still calm her down and she left to go wear herself out wrestling and trying to kill more wyrms. What better way to expend rage then to wrestle something ten times your size or more? And she had the promise of Zan waiting for her in their special picnic spot.


Of course, an offhand remark of Keira complaining about creatures immune to ice had me get into a fight with some asshole who apparently decided that one’s not allowed to make jokes and quirks that hinted at breaking the fourth wall.


Ah well.


Time to go write some posts for one of my forums while watching Disaster Movie, again!

Welcome to 80!

After hours of headache and several more hours of laziness, I’ve finally hit level 80 with my Death Knight. And with some luck from the Auction House and a ton of questing/dailies, one of the first things I did, naturally, was get Duel Spec.


Primary Spec:
Frost Tank
7 /55/9

Major Glyphs:
Icebound Fortitude
Unbreakable Armor



Secondary Spec:
Unholy DPS

Major Glyphs:
Scourge Strike
Icy Touch


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To do list for this week:

  • Read up on how to spec a Holy Priest
  • Test my actual healing abilities in something that isn’t a run through.
  • Run Heroics on Telk, and tweak my gear a bit more
  • Lrn2PVP
  • Get Keiraline to 75.
  • Begin the layout for an Unholy Tanking spec at 80, just to see if I can.

While I love the holy spec, I’m giving some thought to at least playing around with Shadow once I get Wukong up some more. I love the priest class, and I’m actually finding myself immensely curious as to the different specs. I want to make a Smite DPS spec, I want to play around with the Disc. tree, and I want to tear things apart with Shadow.


Maybe when I’ll get home, I’ll attack Fear.Win and see what his blog can give me.


And one of my major goals coming up is to actually update this sad little blog. I really want to do a post on the mechanics of Frostfire that I’ve learned from gameplay. I may also pug a Naxx to see how my DPS is different now that I have 4 pieces of T7, before the reset tonight… Yeah actually no time for that. I’ll run some heroics and like… Sarth/VoA and see how I do. Maybe mage PVP love will drop for me.


For now… work calls and I must obey. /salute

Ah… that’s right. I’ve been attacked by the Meme Goddess, who struck Fear.Win with her lightning bolts of character name goodness.

….Give me a break. It’s nearly 2:30 am!


Anyways. So… I shall now tell you all, my lovable readers, about my character names, describing how I came up with them, and then, after I’m done… I’ll have to tag three peopl-

Aw crap. I’ve only got… like… two people on my happy friend’s list, and one of them tagged me… then tagged the other person. SNAP!

In any case, this will actually be rather interesting, for me at least, as I struggle down memory lane. Most of my names I just start pronouncing something, and I type it out, and usually it ends out sounding alright. I’ll try to choose names that I just didn’t mutter under my breathe until it sounded cool.

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Today, had to be one of my worst raids ever. And I don’t just mean DPS, where I DID have some failpoints.

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